Hono Koa Resort Guide

IN-ROOM SAFE OPERATION 1. Close the door and press RESET 2. Enter your 4 digit code 3. Press LOCK 4. Open by using your code TELEPHONE To make a local call or to call another room, you must dial the area code and then the phone number. The room phone numbers are listed below. TELEVISION Relax and unwind while watching some TV in your suite. You can control the TV and cable box using the remote provided by Spectrum. For further assistance with your TV, please call the front desk at 808.669.0979 during business hours and the Sands of Kahana at 808.669.0400 after business hours. To turn on/off your TV and Cable box: • TV: Press TV button, then POWER button • Cable: Press CBL button, then POWER button HOUSEKEEPING We are here to serve your needs and ensure your stay is memorable. Housekeeping services are provided every 7 days for guests staying longer than one week. Ancillary cleaning services are offered for an additional cost. Daily cleaning is $55 per day and midweek cleaning is $65. Custom cleaning requests start at $40/hour. Please call the front desk at 808.669.0979 or housekeeping at 808.665.3208 for more information. LAUNDRY A washer and dryer plus a starter pack of laundry detergent is located in your unit for your convenience. UNIT CLEANLINESS Our beautiful island is home to a wide range of creatures that contribute to our ecosystem. Occasionally, that leads to some unwanted pests in our resort. Please take the following precautions to mitigate the occurrences of these pests in your unit. • Empty all trash during your stay and upon check out. There is a dumpster located in the parking lot. • Clean all kitchen surfaces after preparing food and eating, tightly seal leftover food, and store all food in containers in the refrigerator or freezer. • In the event you noticed unwanted pests in your unit, please contact the front desk at 808.669.0979. CHECK OUT Mahalo for staying at our resort! We hope to see you again. Check out is at 11am. Please bring your room keys to the front desk when you’re ready to check out. If you are planning to check out outside of front desk business hours, please use the courtesy phone outside of the front desk to check out. GUEST FEEDBACK Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know if there’s anything during your stay that we can do to make your vacation even better. Please contact the front desk at 808.669.0979 with any feedback. After your stay, you will receive a post departure survey in your email and we would like for you to share your most memorable experience during your stay with us. DURING YOUR STAY DURING YOUR STAY FLOOR 1 RM PHONE 101 808.856.0461 102 808.856.0491 103 808.856.0490 104 808.856.0489 105 808.856.0488 106 808.856.0485 FLOOR 2 RM PHONE 201 808.856.0484 202 808.856.0483 203 808.856.0482 204 808.856.0481 205 808.856.0480 206 808.856.0479 207 808.856.0478 FLOOR 3 RM PHONE 301 808.856.0477 302 808.856.0476 303 808.856.0475 304 808.856.0473 305 808.856.0459 306 808.856.0471 307 808.856.0470 FLOOR 4 RM PHONE 401 808.856.0469 402 808.856.0468 403 808.856.0467 404 808.856.0465 405 808.856.0464 406 808.856.0463 407 808.856.0460